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Travel to Latin America

The best way to learn about issues in Latin America is to travel there yourself. There is no substitute for meeting people and getting to know their lives, their families, their communities

CALA is planning a delegation to Colombia with Witness for Peace in June of 2007. The topic is "Bullets and Beans: Could you Farm in a War Zone?" We will explore many aspects of life in Colombia including militarization, US funding of the military, fumigations of crops, alternatives to violence, economic policies, and the promise of Fair Trade movements. We use the lens of coffee to explore these issues, including visiting with coffee growers who struggle to make a living as their crops get fumigated in the coca-eradication efforts, and as they are constantly caught in the literal and political crossfire between armed groups.
If you would like to learn more about Witness for Peace, visit their web site. If you would like to be a part of the delegation, email us at INFO (at) CALAMADISON (dot) ORG and we will send you an application and put you on our Colombia email list. There will be fundraising to assist delegates in the trip cost, which will be approximately $1300 plus airfare for 10 days.

Below we have collected links to additional organizations that organize delegations to Latin America.

Travel organized by Madison-area organizations:
Just Coffee, our local 100% fair trade coffee roaster, has regular donations to visit coffee growing regions. They are online at

Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua has two trips a year to Nicaragua.

Visit our sister cities in Latin America with these organizations:
Madison-Arcatao Sister City Project (El Salvador)
Colombia Support Network (San José de Apartado)
Madison Camaguey Sister City Association (Cuba)

Multi-country organizations:
University of Wisconsin System Study Abroad Programs
Global Exchange Reality Tours
Center for Global Education, Augsburg College
Witness for Peace
Global Citizens Network
Chiapas, Mexico
Schools for Chiapas
Chiapas Media Project
Mexico Solidarity Network
Nica Net
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua
Potters for Peace