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Issues Important to CALA

Community Action on Latin America recognizes that many issues impact the lives of Latin Americans. The issues CALA focuses on, in keeping with its mission, are US political policies (including interventions, foreign aid, military aid, government pressure, immigration policy, etc) and US economic policies (including trade agreements, leadership in world economic organizations, tariffs, international business law, etc.)
CALA believes that in-country aid and solidarity must be coupled with pressure on the US government to change its policies. To that end, CALA seeks to educate the local community on policy issues, giving them the tools to understand and evaluate US policy. When we travel in Latin America and ask people what we can do to help, they say "Change your government's policies."

Read more about:

CAFTA - Central American Free Trade Agreement
Stop Cafta web site:lots of info and links
Citizens Trade Campaign

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
The Development Group for Alternative Policies has several articles.
Unite Union web site on NAFTA

FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas
FTAA talking points from American Friends Service Committee
Global Exchange on the FTAA

ALBA - Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas
Summary of ALBA
Cuba-Venezuela Agreement under ALBA

WTO - World Trade Organization
Global Exchange on the WTO
Global Trade Watch page by Public Citizen

World Bank
Fifty Years is Enough
World Bank Bonds Boycott

IMF - International Monetary Fund
Resistance to IMF Policies in Poor Countries

Fair Trade Coffee
Equal Exchange
Just Coffee

Local labor issues
Labor Radio is broadcast on WORT-FM 89.9 Madison.

News on Central America
La Jornada Mexico newspaper (in Spanish)